Nerium Products

I researched for 7 months before I started offering the Nerium products as part of my photography business. I wanted a product that was scientifically proven, natural based, worked with small businesses and had a company that matched my personal and professional goals and attitude.

All products have global exclusive patents from biotech companies!

Check out my Nerium website for more information and contact me for a sample and how this works with my photography.

Cell: 616-890-6455

The products do amazing things for skin of all ages. From young adults to senior citizens everyone seems to find something they love about these products, they  improves/reduces/eliminates/fades the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture, aging skin. This is the perfect product to look your best for your wedding day!

My Local Customer Results

All of the below results photos are my own personal customer and team results. Some have incredible stories associated with them. Contact me to hear about them!