Photoshopping has become a common word used in the media these days. We are living in a time when people are fed up with magazines changing women’s bodies to represent something that doesn’t exist. As a woman who has dealt with insecurities about my own appearance especially in my teen years I understand the anger. Read more ..

What you wear for your photo shoot is very important. Make sure you like how you look in your outfit and you feel comfortable in it. If you don’t like something in the mirror, you will not like it in the photos. Here are some tips for selecting an outfit Pick something you feel confident Read more ..

Have It Professionally Done Hair is one of the largest components in getting ready for your shoot. I always recommend having it professionally done. When a professional styles your hair, there are several benefits to your session. Your hair will stay styled longer, allowing you to be free from worrying about it It will have Read more ..

Quality makeup application is essential for a professional shoot. The camera flattens out natural facial features, so it is crucial to have on makeup that allows those amazing features to stand out in pictures like they do in person. To accomplish this, the makeup needs to be more dramatic than what you would normally wear. Read more ..

I came across this video on Facebook and fell in LOVE. Colbie Caillat made a powerful statement in this video showing different women in their natural beauty. We first see the women all done up in hair and makeup and as the song progresses they take the makeup off and let their hair down. This Read more ..

  Battling the “Little Eye” When I first started having my pictures taken, I always hated having the “little eye.” Everything about the shoot would be good; the posing, location, outfit, hair, and makeup, but I would hate about 200 of the pictures because of my little eye. After years and many photo shoots, my Read more ..

Caledonia’s first ever Relay for Life event!! We not only meet our goal but exceeded it!!